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Top 10 Parent of Multiples Who Blog – 2014

Most of us get a break with one baby at a time. Imagine the temporary relief after you’ve just breastfed your baby? Imagine having to breastfeed two or even three or four! How about the rants we have about toddler temper tantrums? What do you do when there are 4 having a fit all at once? Does your heart just want to pop out of your chest from the thought?

The following is a lineup from 1st to 10th place the most amazing, super multiple moms on the planet! You’ve got a mom with TWO sets of twins, moms with quadruplets, triplets, and still manage to keep up with the world of blogging. How oh how do they do it?!


#1 New2Two

KerryBergemanKerry blogs about life as a mother to fraternal 5 year old girls and identical 7 month old girls. She speaks candidly about fertility challenges, living life on one income, protecting her severely dairy intolerant daughter all while photographing her memories, keeping sane, and adventuring out and about.

We believe family comes first and while we try madly to keep “it” together, we wouldn’t trade this life for the world. Well, maybe parts of it but not the girls, not the dogs, not each other.
We believe in living as clean as we can while supporting local farmers and businesses. We believe in rescuing animals and treating them wonderfully. We are teaching our girls to live life with just as much compassion as we have for our world and all the things in it….or so we hope we are.

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We found these posts really interesting on New2Two. Hope you do too!

Ruled by a Timer
Why the Girls Love Their Daddy
What Drives You to Drink in the Morning?

#2 Multiple Momtrosity

SarabethSara is a 2 time Top blog winner for this year. She has already earned the 4th place spot in our Top 10 Hilariously Funny blogs competition. This time around, she cranked it up a notch to claim 2nd place as a super mom of fraternal twins! How she keeps it all up and still manages to make us laugh is a real mystery! Come check out some of her fun-loving posts and let us know what you think!

Here are 3 of our favorites!

Eat the Rich
Cartoon Heroes
Deuces are Wild

#3 Brother and Twins

ValerieValerie, a French woman living in Vancouver, BC Canada is mother of 3 children, two of them being twin girls. Her blogging journey began during her 30 weeks of pregnancy for the twins. It was her attempt to remember everything because she knows just how easily things can be forgotten. “The purpose of this blog to detail my experience with the good, bad and crazy things that will happen.”

Here are a few of the best bits she shares about her life with twins:

Picnic at the Beach
Sharing toys ha ha ha funny !!!
Separating our twins at night

#4 The Hip Mothership

Megan almost called it quits after her first child and discovered just how difficult motherhood really was. Today, she is the mom of 4 kids, 3 of them being triplets!

Megan-MothershipThe Hip Mothership is about Megan’s unexpected life raising triplets and their big sister in a time of i-devices, helicopter parenting and heavy competition to create successful children. She tells the day-to-day stories of parenting through her personal experiences and perspective.

Megan is also very active and loves to practice hot yoga, go on walks, travel as much as possible, cook, read, watch movies, go to dinner with her husband, drink wine and spend as much time as possible in the sun. If she could have any career in the world, it would be as a travel writer.

If you take anything away from her blog that sparks an emotional response, answers a question, or makes you laugh, then the Mothership has succeeded. Above all, she hopes you find value in the honesty of her posts.

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Check out some of her best posts:

My Daughter Wrote A Shitty-Mom iBook
Butt Rot
Road Trip Evolution

#5 Capri + 3

Capri-plus-3Capri + 3 began when Theresa and Greg’s lives were forever changed in November of 2010 with the birth of their four babies. Like most people, they imagined having one child at a time and easing into parenthood. Instead, they got a crash course in parenting at the NICU and then jumped right in to raising multiples. Now that Capri, Grayson, Xayden and Ryder (the Sugar Snaps) are here, Theresa and Greg can’t imagine life any other way. They’ve learned to plan ahead and multitask as their four preschoolers all express their needs at the same time. Before they were born, Theresa worked full time as a psychologist. It has been fascinating for her to see how much of their personalities are due to ‘nature’ rather than ‘nurture’ as they all share the same environment but are so different!

Capri + 3 has come a long way from being a place to simply capture the Sugar Snaps’ childhoods. Capri + 3 also shares adventures in parenting, community activities, crafts, recipes and the occasional giveaway. Theresa has enjoyed connecting with interesting people from around the world, including parents, grandparents and teachers. It is fun for her to share stories with other families while they laugh and learn together.

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Check out some of the posts we loved on Capri + 3:

Neener Neener–Testing Boundaries
Family Time at the Gardens
Awesome Parenting

#6 Four to Adore

AmberAfter discovering she was expecting not one but FOUR babies, Amber began documenting the journey at Four to Adore. Ever since, she’s been sharing the joys, triumphs, and challenges of raising four precocious little ones while balancing a marriage, career, and social life.

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Here are 3 lovely posts you might enjoy at Four to Adore:

Ahoy, Mateys! Greetings, Ladies!
Must Haves for Babies (Multiples Edition)
Toddler Tips: Let’s Have Tea

#7 Bambini Travel

Erin-BuhrErin Buhr is an Early Childhood Educator, freelance writer, and mama of giggling, curious twin three year olds. When her twins were born, she and her husband were determined to share their curiosity and love of travel with their little ones. Her site is a collection of the adventures they have shared and the activities that their travels have inspired.

Bambini Travel combines reviews of family travel destinations with hands on activities, book reviews of quality children’s lit, and environment inspiration. Their goal is to inspire others to travel with young children and learn through adventures.

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Here are 3 of the most popular posts on Bambini Travel:

Parenting Multiples
Car Trips with Toddlers
Glue + Yarn: Invitation to Create

#8 The Doyle Dispatch

Doyle-DispatchThe Doyle Dispatch began as a way for my husband and me to update our families on our lives, complete with tons of pictures. Once I started really getting into crafting, I began to put tutorials on our blog as well. From there, I began to use our blog as a platform to help other Mothers and Mothers-to-Be of Multiples in navigating the differences between our pregnancies and those of singleton moms.

Our blog consists of a little DIY, a little documenting, and lots of describing (we can be wordy). My husband has even written some posts about our goals and successes with getting out of debt and living like no one else (thanks to Dave Ramsey).

The Doyle Dispatch has become a place to document our lives, our projects, our travels, our financial goals (and staying debt-free), my twin pregnancy, and now life with twins. We try to be humorous and real, knowing that the only way we can make it through the wild world of multiples is to laugh.

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Take a peek at some of the posts you might find on The Doyle Dispatch:

Bedtime and Naps – An Improvement
Helping New Parents
Traveling with Twin Babies

#9 Texas Tales

Texas-TalesAmber Bell and her husband, just like many couples, intend to start their family one baby at a time. Never did they imagine having quadruplets! On May 31, 2012, Amber gave birth to 3 girls and 1 boy via c-section. After two months, they were forced to adjust to a life that involved 32 bottles a day, endless diaper changes, four times the laundry and, as they got older, loads of bite-sized food, a custom quad table that my husband built and a dedicated play room in the middle of their home.

As a freelance writer and editor, Amber put her skills to work by maintaining her lifestyle blog, Texas Tales, where she chronicles their life with their precious quad squad and share their down-to-Earth journey, struggles and all! Balancing a job from home, maintaining their children’s early education and keeping up with four active two-year-olds has become her new reality! It’s a story she enjoys telling, one chapter at a time.

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Now join Amber at home and see how she handles her quad squad:

Is this a Stress Test?
How I Plan Our Meals & Mornings
Surfacing for air

#10 Twiniversity

TwiniversityTwiniversity was started by Natalie Diaz, who in 2004, found that information was very limited for parents of multiples. So in 2009, she launched this global online network for multiples of parents to gather and share, connect, and exchange ideas.

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Check out some of the great posts on Twiniversity:

Letter to Mothers of Baby Twins
Top 10 Ways to Be an Unhappy Mother of Multiples
One Class or Two? The Question that Confounds Twin Parents



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