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Top 10 Product Reviewers of 2014

Brands! Companies! We welcome you to check out some of the best and most influential product reviewers on the web! They range in reach (which goes to show that influence isn’t necessarily just about the number of followers you have) but their passion and enthusiasm can drive business right to you! 50 nominees were chosen and these bloggers received the most votes!

We love them and hope you do too!


#1 FamiGami

FamiGamiFamiGami is an amalgam of the term “family gaming”. It is a collaborative effort by a legitimate family of gamers that promote family play and socialization using 21st century technology as a bridge, not a divide. Gaming is often thought of as a child’s past time that parents have long outgrown. Reality check: The average gamer is 35 years old and is 45% female. Do you play a game on your smartphone? If so, you’re a gamer. Why not discover what else is out there and how you can actively (and physically) play together with your entire family rather than in isolation when you’re bored?

Mom & Dad alternate article duty on a daily basis (except sometimes on weekends) while their son SolarNova (age 12) and daughters (Kiwi, age 3, and Baby, 9 months) chip in with reviews of video and board games, toys, and services for mommies, daddies, and kids alike, unboxing videos, Let’s Play (ask your kids) videos, tested previews of upcoming games, subscription box highlights and even an occasional date night topic to make sure mom & dad get their alone time too.

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#2 The NapTime Reviewer

CristenThe NapTime Reviewer is a parenting and lifestyle resource site, owned by Cristen. It offers gift guides and reviews on all things baby, tots, fashion, beauty, family travel and so much more!

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#3 Everything Mommyhood

DarciDarci is a 30-something mom who started Everything Mommyhood in 2010 to record her recipes and memories of her two girls. Now she is an active brand ambassador and local playgroup organizer.

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#4 Monica’s Rants, Raves, & Reviews

Monica-RRRStrength, is how many people would describe Monica. She is not just a blogger, but a cancer survivor, who was once in the Army, is a single mom of two teenage boys, 1 dog, and 2 cats! Giveaways and reviews are all very natural and fun for her, making her really good at it!

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#5 Hopscotch & Jelly Beans

AdrianneChauffeur, maid, therapist, referee, short order cook, boo boo kisser, cheerleader are among the jobs that Adrianne holds down, which is all a big part of motherhood :). She formerly worked in Human Resources for a few Fortune 500 companies. Now she’s putting those lessons to work as the CEO of her household while she goes to school to pursue her nursing degree.

Adrianne began blogging as an outlet three years ago and she’s been addicted ever since. She writes about the things she loves – mostly revolving around “F words”: family, faith, friends, food and fitness. Hopscotch & Jelly Beans is about her journey, navigating through motherhood one hop, skip and jump at a time struggling through some days but finding the blessings within each moment.

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#6 Fearlessly Creative Mammas

K-and-SFearlessly Creative Mammas is a creative blog written by a mom (Kathleen) and daughter (Samantha). They write about anything they think is creative, from recipes and crafts to parenting ideas and reviews. They love to share what they create and try to live by the motto, “Do something creative every day.” Their hope is to inspire some creativity in their readers, which is why they blog.

This dynamic duo has traveled extensively around the world and the United States. They bring a little flavor of their past into the posts they write. They each have 3 children. Their interests include a lot of the same things, family time, camping, hiking, travel, cooking and crafting. Both dream of living at the beach one day, but for now, they reside in Southeast Idaho.

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#7 Surviving the Spawn

BreBreia is the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular blog, Surviving the Spawn. Breia is a fairly new (under 5 years), but enthusiastic blogger. Breia has many years of retail management and marketing experience. She has learned excellent people and project management skills as well as an uncanny sense of “what sells”. She employs her expertise to find creative and profitable ways to promote products and companies. A native of North Carolina, Breia resides there with her family.

Her start with Surviving The Spawn and some of her VA work, got her interested in the PR side of blogging. With that in mind, she got together with a friend and started Crossroads Media Hub. Breia is the Co-Founder and Campaign Manager at Crossroads Media Hub. She is the person who makes sure the bloggers get the information they need and that they are on time/schedule with their posts. Breia works very closely with the bloggers to address issues and help make each campaign the best it can be.

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#8 Reviews She Rote

PamelaPamela is a stay-at-home mom and owner of Reviews She Rote and this is her story in her own words:

I have a degree in Early Education I was a Nanny and a Pre K teacher, I married in 1999 a few years later l I found out I was becoming a Mom–During the first few years I only would work as Holiday help at the local mall by 2005 baby 2 was on the way I then then decided that financially, there was NO benefit to paying for child care. I became a full time stay at home Mom. This was also the beginning of my Blogging journey. I had first called it A Note Rote- Nap time became my social hour…mostly I started entering giveaways, and reading Mom blogs, soon started sharing reviews about products I used at home and a section called Pam’s Playhouse where I shared some lesson plans from my time as a teacher.

I found some great social communities that introduced me to sites where I could get products for reviewing and the blog became more focused on Product Reviews with little peeks into my family life- thus ReviewsSheROTE was born.

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#9 Parenting Healthy

ErinnErinn Sluka of Parenting Healthy is a Mom, Wife, PTA President, substitute paraeducator and writer. You will find posts, reviews and giveaways that promote happy, healthy and active lives. When she has spare time, she enjoys traveling and being with her 3 boys.

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#10 Celebrate Woman Today

LauraLaura is one of a kind in that her purpose for blogging revolves around the beauty of women.

“It is time, is it not, for all to celebrate women? Or, barring well-deserved applause, at least for women to celebrate women? For women to celebrate their individual self? If you don’t do it, who will? If no one else is going to give you richly deserved applause, you must do it for yourself. Nourishing your soul grows your power to nourish others. ”

We encourage you to please read the full version here >>.

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