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Top 10 Southern Bloggers of 2014

We love our Southern mamas! It’s like a whole different culture in their neck of the woods! What makes them so much fun? Well, come and check out our top 10 list below and find out!


#1 Nanny to Mommy

Nanny-to-MommyDiana, our Top Southern Blogger of the year, once nanny turned mommy, is now a stay-at-home mom living in Georgia, shares her experiences as a parent, offers advice and information about how to live frugally as she has been with one income.

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There are some helpful new parent tips on Nanny to Mommy:

Co-Sleeping Safely With Your Baby
Bringing Home Baby: Preparing an Older Sibling
5 Tips for Potty Training

#2 The Pearl & the Pilot

CaitlinCaitlin’s blog, The Pearl & the Pilot began as a way for their families to keep up with their crazy military life, since her husband spent 320 days a year flying all over the world. Blogging has turned into the second love of her life, where she writes about how she makes their home healthier and greener. Caitlin’s husband is a C-17 instructor pilot, T-6 instructor pilot, and soon-to-be airline pilot. They have a toddler, Matthew (18 months), and two yellow labs, Moose and Chewie, who she wants to keep her home and safe for.

Caitlin loves to write about her military lifestyle (and now about getting out of the military, after being in the Air Force her entire adult life) as well as making all of their food from scratch, using essential oils, and keeping the technology at a minimum for now with her son. She likes to think of herself as an amateur chef, who also loves photography as a hobby.

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Here are 3 posts we found interesting at The Pearl & the Pilot:

Cloth Diapering 101 Update
Dads Are Great Parents, Too!
I Was Wrong…

#3 Gratefully Inspired

DeniseDenise is a Southern girl, living close to the ocean with her husband and daughter. She loves Jesus, chocolate chip cookies and Mexican food. On her blog, Gratefully Inspired, you will find a little bit of everything. She shares her adventures in parenting, marriage tips/advice and a little about her faith… all mixed in with fashion and food!

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Come visit 3 lovely posts on

Love Story
doubt vs faith
choose wisely

#4 Luxe … With Kids

CandaceOriginally from the Midwest, Candace now lives in Houston as a stay-at-home mom for two little boys. She loves new adventures, so if you’ve got suggestions, she will gladly welcome them!

“Our family philosophy is that you can live the good life with your kids in tow, you just have to find the right places, brands, and products to help you do so.”

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Candace has had quite the experience traveling and moving around. So she’s got many great tips like:

Traveling Abroad with Children
Moving with young children
Travel easy, mamas

#5 Magen Pastor

MagenMagen is a mom to twin girls and a personal stylist with an edgy, sophisticated look. She helped found a charity called Houston Children Give Back, which builds charitable hearts to elementary aged children and older.

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Come take a look at some of the fun and creative posts on Magen Pastor‘s blog:

Young and Fabulous
Mommy and Me Style
Just Pretend Kids

#6 The Happy Flammily

PaigePaige, a stay-at-home mom from North Carolina is on her way to meeting baby #2! She often struggles to get dressed throughout the week but when she does, she does it quite nicely! Come and read about some of her fashion sense and toddler parenting adventures by peeking through her blog!

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Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that Paige is also great in the kitchen!

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese
Banana Chocolate Chip Mufifns
5 Ingredient Baby Back Ribs

#7 Life of a Southern Mom

round-image-jenJennifer is a mom of 3 who loves to share some of the best products AND savings around. Her blog features products that that her family absolutely loves. She shares her favorites as well as some of the adventures she has a mom. So at Life of a Southern Mom, you will definitely find the best of parenthood and products!

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Here are 3 helpful resources on Life of a Southern Mom:

Blogger Opps

#8 The Blue Swallow

CarmenHaving a grandmother as a seamstress, a grandfather as a carpenter, and a very artistic mom, Carmen has inherited such a gift to be able to live and thrive in organized chaos. She is a social worker, a mom, a wife, and many other things. We invite you to take a journey into her blog to understand exactly what we mean as it may inspire you when realizing that you really CAN make the most of every day!

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Some of our favorite posts on The Blue Swallow:

My Perspective
The Small Things
Life Thoughts: A love that never fails…

#9 Having Fun in the Sun

MichelleMichelle loves to travel, meet people, and learn about new places with her family! She’s very passionate about sharing her experiences and encouraging others to take their children out and explore their state and their own backyard! These are all the motivation behind Having Fun in the Sun. Her goal is to help parents survive and enjoy their travels, especially with kids in the journey. She shares bits of her life with her family and all the things that keep their lives from ever being boring.

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Michelle’s posts consist mainly of the places she’s visited and traveled to:

Butterflies in the Garden, Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
Penguin Exhibit, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas

#10 Mama’s Mission

EricaErica is a multitasking mama on a mission to get life done without losing her sanity. Her heart belongs to my 3 children and husband. Ensuring her children get the best of her and what life has to offer is her priority.

Her blog, Mama’s Mission, consists of her personal reviews on products she loves as well as the deals she comes across or knows of so that we can benefit too! She also loves to share her favorite recipes and the fun places she travels. You get the best of everything!

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Check out the 3 places we like to hang out at Mama’s Mission:

All Things Kids



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