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Top 10 Step-Parenting Blogs of 2014

Being a step-parent can be challenging in many ways. There are issues where blended families may need to be accepted, decision making might be difficult, all while having to raise children. Here are 10 parents who blog about these challenges, share their experiences, and do what they can to comfort and help others who might go through similar situations.

Let’s start with the amazing blogger who earned her first place spot in our Top 10 Blogs Step-Parenting category:

1. Suddenly Stepmom


Gara Hoke Lacy is an attorney and stepmom coach living in Charleston, West Virginia. Upon her marriage, she became the custodial stepmother of three, who are now young adults. Her experiences and advice, both as a stepmother and stepchild, are chronicled on her website. Additionally, she can be found on both Twitter and Facebook as “Suddenly Stepmom.”

Here are 3 interesting posts on Suddenly Stepmom:

Childless by Choice?
Setting An Example
Divorce Statistics

2. Step Dadding

StepdaddingA generation ago a household with two biological parents was considered a normal family. Today the dynamic has changed. Now the majority of modern families include a non-biological parent. New dads and moms are added each year, but men are eight times more likely to be a full-time step-parent than women. These changes create unique challenges that leave men struggling:

  1. Nearly 2/3 of Stepdads say they feel unappreciated
  2. More than half of Stepdads say their parenting role isn’t defined
  3. A Stepdad is twice as likely to leave his wife

As many as 74% of these marriages will end in divorce.
Stepdadding.com was created to give men the tools they need to plan for success in their parenting role. The mission of the site is to help couples strengthen their marriage and create family unity. The site tackles tough issues like marriage communication, family bonding, and working as a parenting team. We give men the tools to succeed as husbands and the inspiration to thrive as parents.

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3. BlenderMom

blendermomYou will find many heartfelt stories on this blog about Donna, a mom who lives a “glorious and chaotic” life as she describes it. She has 3 children whom she shares with other parents. She’s been married 3 times and seeks for unconditional love and acceptance from God. She believes from the bottom of her heart, that God doesn’t make mistakes. People do. And that’s what she tells herself as she parents her children.

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4. Life in a Blender

valerieValerie is a mom of 2 of her own kids as well as being a stepmom to 2 of her husband’s kids. With custody and different kid activity schedules, Valerie makes it all work out and shares some of her best stories with brutal honesty.

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7 Deadly Sins of Co-Parenting
It’s Like Summer Camp, But NOT….
Dear Parents, Are You Tired Of Being Tired? Amen.

5. Totally Jessifiable

Jessica-JamesTotally Jessifiable is a blog that is unapologetic-ally confident. It is bold, honest and thrives from the mistakes and hardships that life has wrapped with a sparkling bow, and a gift tag that reads “I have lived it, conquered it – and so can you.” This blog takes life and mixes in humor, lessons, advice, and invokes an emotion in anyone who reads it. It creates self-empowerment, confidence, humility, self respect and a sisterhood among the readers who have felt alone in the struggles of the parenting, step-parenting and simply being a woman.

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Here are 3 posts we found to be really great on Totally Jessifiable:

Loving yourself – Invites Love in.
Together we have become one – but are two very different people, and that is okay.
Okay, you be the Mom and I will be the kid!

6. Daily Ampersand

ampersandStep-parenting relationships ARE circumstantial to so many elements- and I was lucky enough to have been part of Ruthie’s life at such a young age and to have an open and honest relationship with her mom (who happens to be one of the blog’s readers and supporters!).

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Daily Ampersand is also a great source for delicious recipes. Here are 3 of our favorites:

Roasted Asparagus with Shallot Butter and Shaved Black Truffles
Potato Chip Omelet

Baked Mountain Eggs

7. Diary of A Sassy Stepmom

diary-of-a-sassyDee is a 30-something ​silly, sassy full-time working mom/step-mom of 5 wonderful children. Cop’s wife. She’s a daddy’s girl. Obsessed with her family and taking pictures. Lover of New York sports, music of all kinds, and a good read. She is addicted to social media, diet Dr. Pepper, and dark chocolate. Just taking one day at a time trying to navigate life with his, mine, and ours.

She and her husband had 4 boys between them when they met. A little over a year after their wedding, they had a little girl. She wrote a lot about her children and their journey as a blended family. She relates to all types of mothers because she’s done it all – single mom, step-mom, married working mom – all the hats. She also writes about her late mother and how she travels through motherhood without her, as well as her life-long struggles with her weight and her recent health & fitness journey.

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Ants in the Pants
Lost: Patience
My Husband is Awesome

8. Our Blended Marriage

blended-marriageThis husband and wife team is blended in a couple of ways. They are both from different cultures and have sons from previous marriages. Together they share a “non-niche,” but blended blog about life, social media, and things about the web.

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Want to know where to begin your journey into their site? You can surf through any of the following categories:

Family | Marriage | Bilingualism

9. Cafe Smom

heather-cafe-smomCafe Smom was launched in 2009 to serve encouragement, support and resources to stepmothers. As a mom of four and full-time stepmother of two, Heather wanted to create a community for stepmoms where they no longer feel alone and to give them tools to find peace in the complicated pieces of blended family life. She believes that the stepmom is the heart of her blended family and when she feels peace that blesses her entire family. At Cafe Smom you’ll find resources and personal stories to live from the stepmom trenches. Heather believes in being authentic about my struggles to offer tools and hope to other stepmoms.

This stepmom community is one of encouragement, support, non-judgement and grace. At Cafe Smom, they share their struggles in an honest way while looking to become stronger, more grace filled women. Faith weaves hope, strength, grace and love into her blended family. Cafe Smom has become a life light for so many stepmoms and it is a beacon of strength for her. Recently, Heather has helped launch a new ministry called The Sisterhood of Stepmoms and they travel across the country bringing help, hope and healing to stepmoms through weekend retreats where women dating, engaged or married to a man with children gain tools and connect with other stepmoms.

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Here are 3 of the loveliest posts on Cafe Smom:

A Letter to My Stepson – The Gifts We Give Each Other
A Letter to Myself as a New Stepmom
Learn to Love Being a StepMom

10. Filling Your Niche

maaritFilling Your Niche is about stepparenting, but more specifically it is about how becoming a stepparent challenges preconceptions about what defines a family. This means a lot of changes for everyone involved– especially the stepparent. Because of that, this blog is all the little things that contribute to becoming a happier, more authentic person– which translates directly into becoming a better parent, stepparent and human.

Come and check out 3 interesting posts on Filling Your Niche
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We hope you’ve enjoyed these posts. If you’re a step-parent, we hope you can find some comfort when you’re troubled in knowing that you are certainly not alone. These bloggers share proof that step-parenting, though not easy, but do have their rewards.



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