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Top 10 Tech and Internet Savvy Blogs of 2014

Technology has taken over many households all over the world. From iPhones to personal gadgets to software and even online features that claim to help us live better, more fulfilled lives. The list goes on with one invention after the next. How do you keep up?

Here are 10 blogs that could get you in gear with some of the newest and best technology and online features. From reviewers to enthusiasts, you will find honest opinions and great examples of how to use many of what we might overlook to help ease some of our daily problems.

#1 The Tech Lady

Kimberly-matKimberly Mattina is a Certified Teacher who is a Technology Integration Coach, and a Social Media Adviser at the William Davies Middle School in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

Kimberly’s blog posts range from her experiences using technology, new features of a tool, how to complete a task, follow up posts, and Tech Tip Tuesdays. However, most of her posts are about her teaching experiences while implementing technology into the classroom. In a typical blog post, she briefly describes the lesson, the technology tool(s) being used, the challenges and/or technical difficulties, a reflection, and pictures during the lesson. Every Tuesday, she posts new and interesting tech tips, called “Tech Tip Tuesdays” along with a “How To” guide where the audience can follow simple directions to complete a task.

She truly enjoys sharing her experiences with her audience. To her, it is important to be able to share, and help others using technology.

I feel I am “paying it forward” by contributing to the technology community because, at times, I will reach out to the community for guidance as well. Technology is my passion and I am fortunate to have a career that allows me to teach, learn, and experiment with cutting edge technology tools.

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Here are 3 of the latest posts on The Tech Lady that you might find interesting:

How To: Manage iPads using Apple Configurator
How To: Use gMath Add-on in a Google Document
Computer Science – Computer Programming

#2 Social Media Satisfied

Lisa-MasonAs one of our Top 10 Mompreneur Bloggers of 2013, Lisa Mason continues to impress us with her online, savvy skills. She is a social media marketing consultant and content developer. She helps brands expand their reach and maximize their potential through social media.

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Check out some spots on Social Media Satisfied:

Social Media Quick Tips
Social Media Trends 2014
Four Great Social Media Strategies

#3 Omaginarium

SuzenThe Omaginarium blog was sprung from the idea that entrepreneurs and small business owners should be empowered to master the vast world of internet marketing in bite sized pieces, and without the overwhelm. Suzen Pettit has dedicated her business to ensuring those who are willing to take the leap that they not only can drive traffic to their websites or blogs, but they should and must do that.

The Omaginarium blog gives them the tools and the confidence to conquer DIY SEO, social media marketing, list building and traffic growth techniques. Of course should they need more than that, she is also there to serve.

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Here are 3 posts you might find really interesting on Omaginarium:

The Step- by- Step Formula I use to Create Killer Traffic to My Blog Posts
Promote Your Blog by Re-Purposing Content into Other Formats Across the Web
Google Just Loves Fresh Content

#4 Techie Mum

Techie-mumMargaret Perusich is a wife, mum, and technology trainer living on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

I’m a bit of a geek – and I love finding new ways that technology can help me manage every part of my life – family, home, work and me. When I find a new app or gadget I love to share it. That’s where my blog Techie Mum comes in – it is where I share the techie things I love; provide tips and product reviews, answer techie questions and help with advice on techie problems.

What will you find on Techie Mum? Definitely not technical specifications on the latest hi-tech machines! You’ll find information and reviews on the types of tech gadgets that families use, new apps and software for mums, dads and kids, and recommendations and advice on how to get the most out of all your family’s devices.

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Check out these really interesting posts on Techie Mum:

Canva – great design simplified
Another way to access new technology – rent a laptop
My Favourite Apps

#5 The Well Connected Mom

well-connectedLori Cunningham’s own mom schedule can be overwhelming and understands what other moms might have to go through. With her love for technology, she spreads the word about the different gadgets and technological devices that could potentially ease some of the troubles we go through as parents, time management.

On The Well Connected Mom blog, Lori provides tips and reviews on some of the best apps, software, hardware, and just about anything that the world of technology has to offer. Want to find home tech information? Books on the latest and best in technology? The Well Connected Mom blog has it all!

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Here are some of the places on her blog that we found most interesting:

Home Technology
How To’s
5 Great Gadgets for Mom

#6 Creative Geekery

creative-geekeryElli’s love for the computer started at a very young age back in the 80’s. As a little girl, she did what she could to learn to type and just maneuver all around it. Eventually, she went off to college and then became a graphic designer.

In the Creative Geekery blog, Ellie shares some of the best secrets on how to improve the look and feel of your blog. Want to make it pretty? Visit Creative Geekery!

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Ready to wander into Ellie’s blog for something interest?

How to Edit Your Own Headshot (without Photoshop!)
My Top 15 Favorite Genesis Child Themes for Bloggers
4 gadgets I wish we had along on our beach vacation

#7 Little Tech Girl

Little-TechKris Cain wears many hats. She is mom to 2 sets of twins, a photographer, gadget addict, web designer, social media trainer, social event planner, and blogger. She has had experiences dealing with technology both on a professional and personal level for over 15 years. So she knows her stuff!

Kris has had the opportunity to speak in various conferences, such as Type-A Parent, Gleek Retreat, Blogalicious, and BlogHer, where she talks about her experiences with social media and technology.

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Check out the 3 posts we found quite interesting on Little Tech Girl:

5 Free Tools to Help You Create Great Pinterest Images
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Infographic: 30 Ways to Promote a Blog Post

#8 Tech Savvy Mama

LeticiaAfter facing challenges as a mom with kids venturing into technology, Leticia decided it was time to share what she knew. With knowledge in choosing software and online resources for some of the largest school systems in the country, Leticia sought to spread information about online safety and just be a go-to resource for parents who are looking to better their children’s development through technology.

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Come check out these awesome posts on Tech Savvy Mama:

7 Summer Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safe #LSSS
10 Things Families Should Discuss to Build Healthier Relationships with Devices
What Does Your Online Presence Say to Your Kids?

#9 Andrea Vahl

Andrea-VahlAndrea is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner for over 2 years. She uses her Improv comedy skills to blog as a slightly cranky character, Grandma Mary – Social Media Edutainer.

I truly believe that standing out and being different has been the key to my success. I always make sure I’m delivering valuable information with the tutorials and a little fun and inspiration. Grandma’s message is “If Grandma Mary can do it, then you can do it too.” I think that relates not only to marketing your business using social media but bringing your unique gift into the world.

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Here are 3 great posts you might find helpful:

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business
How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business
How to Use Facebook to Get Leads for Your Business

#10 Scraps of My Geek Life

Michele-McGrawMichele McGraw, mom of 4 children, has been helping women find support online for their hobbies and lifestyles by sharing her experience and passions for many years now. She shares some of the amazing features and information she finds about technology and applies it the best way she could in her own life.

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Now, come check out the posts we think you will surely enjoy on Scraps of My Geek Life:

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