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Top 10 UK Mum Bloggers

It has been such a pleasure getting to know the UK mums through their blogs! I wanted to personally write this post as it truly helped me understand a little more about the different women in that region of our world.

My husband is English and have, for the past 8 years been educating me about some of the main differences between the two cultures. We all speak English, but with a completely different tone, not just in the language itself, but as can be seen through our behavior, mannerisms, and the many things we may or may not hold dear.

Parenthood has its gifts and surprises, but do parents in the UK have it any easier than parents in the U.S. or any other parts of the world? How are things different … or the same?


Here are 10 of the best and most interesting parenting blogs in Europe

Take a moment and explore their posts and see if their parenting techniques are any different from yours. You might find a few interesting tidbits and perhaps parenting tips you didn’t know about.

#1 Romanian Mum

BritmumsOtilia is the mum of 2 little darlings and wife of 1. She started her blog in 2012 but have since been seen live on Huffington Post, featured on Morrisons website, and The Beauty Roundup on Britmums.com.

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We found these posts quite interesting on Romanian Mum Blog. We thought you might too!

Enjoy every single moment…
Fun activities for your kids
Saying goodbye is the hardest thing….

#2 Expat Life With a Double Buggy

Expat-LifeAmanda is a British mum living in the Netherlands, mothering her 3 boys. And her blog is exactly that ~ parenting in a beautiful land and sharing all the wonders in it, while flowing with the joys of motherhood.

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Here are 3 posts that we felt were great reads on Expat Life With a Double Buggy:

Understanding A British “How Are You?”
Brits on the Beach
Is my Child Introvert or Highly Sensitive?

#3 Brummy Mummy of 2


From the words of Brummy Mummy herself:

“As a mother to two tiny tots I found I needed a way to talk about the more humorous side of being a Mother. The less than perfect moments of parenthood from the tantrums to the total lack of sleep. My blog brummymummyof2 helps me to do just that! It has also been a fantastic way to record the moments with my family I never want to forget.

As well as writing funny and daft things, I have also touched on some of the other issues of being a Mum from guilt to your children growing up. I now have a YouTube channel and I have such fun making clips with my little family and recording the odd haul. Come and stop by, say “Hello” and take a look at normal British family life!”

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Here are example favorites on her blog:

10 signs you are the owner of a toddler girl.
My Dirty ‘Mummy’ Secrets.
What bloody ‘me’ time!?

#4 American Mom in Bordeaux

BordeauxIt’s always interesting to hear about American families adjusting to life in another country. Jennifer is an American mom who moved from New York to Bordeaux, France in 2011. It initially started as a blog, where the family wanted to keep their friends and family updated with their lives abroad. Since then, they’ve drawn the interest of others who love to hear life as an expat.

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Here are posts you might find as interesting as we did:

Girl’s Guide to Paris/Europe – Super wonderful E-Magazine
From the viewpoint of a 6 year old – New World Museum – La Rochelle
Raising Global kids..Music & Playing for Change – Super way to bring people together!

#5 European Mama

European-MamaOlga is a Polish mom, married to a German man, living in the Netherlands with their trilingual kids. Her blog is mainly about her expat life, parenting, and what it’s like to be multilingual.

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The stuff we love on European Mama

8 Reasons American Parents are Awesome
Packing for One: Travelling Alone When you Have Children
8 Ways to Help Children Adjust to a New Country

#6 Multilingual Parenting

RitaRita currently resides in England and is mum to 2 girls. She is the author of the book called “Bringing up a Bilingual Child,” an easy guide for parents who have children with more than 1 language to learn.

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Here are some interesting posts you will find on Multilingual Parenting:

Bilinguals and accents
Bilingual children: the case for consistency
7 ways to motivate your child to speak the minority language

#7 Mummy Shire

Mummy-ShireTracey writes her musings on the Mummy Shire Blog, where she lovingly talks about her passions in life, including her two lovely little ones, age 6 and 3. She is a foodie at heart so when there’s a delicious palatable treat to share, she will make sure you know about it!

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Ready for some cute posts?

“Let me go, Mummy” : Starting Pre-School
The sleepover (or Home Alone)
Onesie Girl…you arrived!

#8 Our Little House in the Country

little-house-in-the-countryCiara, mum of 2, is a former teacher, and wife of 1. She’s been a stay-at-home mum since mid 2013 and loves to share her creative talents by crafting, decorating, and doing as many lovely activities as she can around their “little house in the country.”

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There are some pretty fantastic categories on Our Little House in the Country that we strongly feel you’ll enjoy!

Messy/Sensory Play
Cooking with Kids

#9 Aprons & Shoestrings

Aprons-ShoestringsJournalist and mum of two, Laura Briggs writes about all things parenting, and focuses on having fun as a family without breaking the bank. Always with her eye on a bargain, Laura hopes to engage other parents in discussion about the hardest job in the world, as well as sharing money-saving tips, recipes, product reviews, and general rants!

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Care to see what we loved on her blog?


#10 A Field Somewhere

field-somewhereSarah is a also a mum of 2 and considers herself an “eco-warrior” with a goal to be completely self-sufficient by the age of 50. She currently resides in Brighton. As her family spends their Winter in grouchy mode, they long for the moment they can once again be in “a field somewhere.

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Am I a massive pudding killjoy?
Starting school doesn’t have to cost the earth
#HappinessDay What makes you happy?



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