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Top 5 Reasons Dogs Are Beneficial for Your Child’s Development

I have been around many parents who have a fear for dogs being around their children. Some fear the stories they’ve heard about dog attacks, others fear the allergies (or dirt) or disease a pet might pass on, and some just don’t like them.  I might not be able to change your feelings towards the reasons you don’t like dogs, but I could probably help shed some light into why having them could be great for your kids.


1. Responsibility

The act of feeding, walking, and training a dog can help children understand responsibility.

2. Improved Social Skills

Many children love to pretend play with their pets. This helps encourage critical thinking and gets their imagination rolling.  This helps them become more comfortable socially, which helps make connections with others easier.

3. Less Likely to Have Allergies and Asthma

This may not be 100% proven (YET), but studies have shown that children exposed to pets are less likely to have allergies or asthma due to the possibility of built up immunity around certain viruses and bacteria.

4. Physical Activities that Promote Good Health

Pets, especially dogs usually always love to play. When you’re too tired, they can come in really handy for good entertaining. They will run, catch, and are usually just hungry for attention, and love. Kids can get some good exercise and a real workout just playing with their dog on a daily basis.

Throughout playtime, you might hear a lot of laughter, which you know is good for maintaining normal stress levels.

5. Nurture, Care, Love = Protection

You will most likely see your child hugging the dog, because after all the time they spend together, your child will develop some natural love for him or her. This love is usually passed onto siblings, friends, and others. Your dog might not be able to talk back, but they are smart creatures and can show you in so many ways, just how much they love you back.

Dogs can be very protective when it comes to defending their owners. They are good at sensing danger and have been known to save many lives. We used to have a Labrador, who was the most gentle guard dog we’ve ever had. He was huge, but if you read a little bit about Labradors, you would know that they are one of the best dogs to have around kids. They are big and mighty, which makes them good for protection, but really soft-hearted, gentle, and loving.

Our Lab’s name was Comet. One day, my brother was walking Comet and a great big pit bull came out of nowhere. He must have gotten out of the house he belonged to or something. It took my brother by surprise, but before the dog could attack, Comet intervened. It had been a really scary situation for my brother. Luckily, its owner heard the noise and stopped before things got really bad. Who knows what would have happened to my brother, had it not been for Comet.

Lexie Lane

Lexie Lane is the creator of voiceBoks.com, owner of Social Media Panel, and co-author of the book, The Blogger's Survival Guide Tips and Tricks for Parent Bloggers Wordsmiths and Enthusiasts.


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  • The benefit you have named above are absolutely spot on. Yes, there will always be risks and the possibilities of being bitten but if you train your dog from an early age, your dog and your children will develop such a wonderful bond. We had a lab from 8 weeks until she was 3 1/2 (as unfortunately she was killed in a hit & run). But she was the most beautiful dog. Big and muscly, yet so gentle and playful, she knew Mel was pregnant before we did! Our daughter is nearly 2 and a half and absolutely loves animals in general, but particularly dogs. I am delighted to say, we have just paid a deposit for a new puppy, a Ttoodle who will be 8 weeks old. We collect him in 2 weeks and it will be a surprise for our daughter and she is gonna love him. And there are two very happy and excited parents to boot. Win Win ! Good post Lexie. I’ll tweet this to our twitter page @bookywookyltd.

  • I got few puppies and dogs and they are really therapeutic, I gave one for my older brother and told him to let the puppy play with his 3 year old daughter so that they can develop a great bond together and now they are doing well.

  • I love this list! I just recently learned how to swim and once again marveled in how irrational fear is. I love that when we have clarity and know the truth, we are more open to lift those burdens that don’t allow us to experience life fully. We do not have pets at home, but we love on them – on all animals – at each and every encounter. I pray that you touch some lives so they can become willing to interact with these amazing healing and powerful beings. I love dogs!

  • These are great insights – I’d never thought of your last point but it makes a lot of sense!

    I wonder though…despite these advantages (and I’m sure there are also even more!)…can they ever really completely outweigh the risk?

    • There are definitely risks. Even though our dog is really gentle, we still make sure she is never just left alone with our son. Even for a second. He’s been rough with her and pokes her sometimes, which we are really trying to keep him from doing but sometimes he can be really quick. Still they are such great companions.