We LOVE DIY/Crafty Blogs! What’s there not to love? Designs and unique ideas we most likely have never seen before with the creative edge to create the ultimate “WOW” reaction!

Top-50-Blogs-2013-150Here is a list we truly enjoyed putting together. As we worked our way through posts and pages of lovely ideas, we found that not only are the designs in blog posts awe inspiring, but some of the blogs themselves were wonderfully eye-catching! Please take a look at this year’s selections below and tell us your favorites!

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*Please note that although the Top 50 Blogs are in fact recognized for the beauty of their blogs, our voting system is to ultimately find and promote the 10 most active, influential, and favorites of all. Hence the lack of links provided in the list above. However, if you really want to know where to find these blogs, please click on the Top 50 DIY/Crafty Blogs link below:

Top 50 DIY/Crafty Blogs