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Top Blog FAQs

Top Blog FAQs


What is the point of a top blog list?

Each blog will be recognized based on their influential status. How?  By being chosen as a Top 50 blog, your hard work is already recognized by our staff as an awesome blog.  However, each blogger has a chance to prove their online status and influence by going beyond this recognition and gaining the most votes for their chosen category.

Every year, voiceBoks will recognize their top categorized blogs and place them in their top 10. Regardless of how many entries there are, the number will always be 10. Each year, we will place along side the award, the number of entries there were for these spots. Each winner will be placed in a winning article announcing their position as a 2013 Top 10 blog, which means, out of the many blogs in the world chosen from your category, you won a spot in the Top 10 list! In addition, we will also issue you a 2013 Top 10 Blog Award badge, claiming their rightful “Top 10 Blog” spot.

The 1st place winner will receive a spot in the voiceBoks “Wall of Fame” for the lifetime of the site and a unique button given only to those placed on “the Wall.”

How do I enter to be a top 50 blogger?

The Top 50 are chosen based on the relevance of their blog to the category, their influential status, and their creative design. If the blogs submitted do not match our criteria or is not what we deem “creative” or Top Blogger material, we will move on to selectively find the blogs based on what we feel could be a significantly valuable and worthy of our award.

As this is voiceBoks, one of our judges will make the ultimate and final decision for the Top 50 Blogs. The top 10, however, is based on your own audience and whether they like you enough to vote for you!

Oh, and one other thing … you MUST be a parent (it is the VOICE of Parenthood after all)

How do I qualify to be placed on a categorized top blog list?

Parents all over the world blog for all sorts of reasons. In order to qualify, blogger must be a parent, must fit into the category that is applied for them, and must have an attractive and influential blog that is worthy of capturing an audience. That’s it!

How often can I get votes?

You may vote daily for up to 5 nominees per day.

How can I gain votes?

You may gain votes by asking your friends, family, colleagues, fans, and anyone you know or even friends of friends. However, you may not gain votes in a manner that may be viewed as inappropriate. Contests are meant to be a fun way of finding greatness.

Giveaways often pose disadvantages for many bloggers. It can be seen as a form of bribery to exchange votes for a prize. The same goes for exchanging votes for another vote or personal favors.  For example, there are many blogs on Facebook that ask other bloggers to vote in exchange for a vote or another favor. This is NOT allowed.

We DO NOT allow bloggers to use giveaways to gain votes NOR do we allow bloggers to purchase them, or ask for votes in exchange of another vote or a favor. Again, evidence supported by inappropriate voting activities are grounds for disqualification.

How long does each contest last?

Each contest lasts for AT LEAST 1 month at a time, giving each blogger enough chances to gain their votes.