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Dads Are Hilarious! Just Check out the Funniest June 2017 Dad Tweets!

Dads—they can be the source of mended hearts, teaching kids how to defend themselves, while finding out how to get our mom’s rules. Putting all seriousness aside, dads can be a source of a lot of goofy incidents or moments.

Dads Have a Funny Way of Describing Fatherhood

There are many dads who can appear to be uncomfortable and out of their element when dealing with kids, not that dads can’t be super adorable with children. It’s often funny to watch them try to punt when things start to go awry, which can happen often with kids.

Dads can make us laugh in so many ways, no matter what age. Thankfully, some of these moments get placed online and we get to laugh along with those goofy moments all dads eventually have. If you love funny dad moments as much as I do, here are ten dads that got me to “lol.” We realize it may be a few weeks late, but the jokes are still pretty fresh!

  1. DaddyJew
  2. This dad, who find a way to text without actually texting.

  3. Daddyness Blog
  4. A dad who’s sick of the Lego pain.

  5. Ryan Reynolds
  6. This famous dad actor preps for fatherhood.

  7. Dadpression
  8. Daddy Uncool
  9. This dad lovingly talks about his cuddly little friend

  10. First Time Dad
  11. The dad jokes, they’re nicknamed that for a reason.

  12. Guidefather
  13. When all you can do is ACCEPT!

  14. Jack’s Dad
  15. Sometimes it just all works out!

  16. Real American Dadass
  17. Why else would any parent in their right mind want more than one kid?

  18. Classic Dad Moves
  19. Oh the creativity!

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.


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  • I absolutely needed this kind of giggle today. The one about the lipstick vs. the gluestick is a situation I can easily find myself in! Keep ’em coming like this. I love seeing funny Tweets compiled into one post.

  • I remember that Dad dog and I could definitely use someone to step on my legos for me. I can only imagine giving my wife a glue stick instead of the lipstick. Then again we are divorced now so it wouldn’t matter. But I really did love what Ryan Reynolds had to say about being a hero most of all.

  • I love this, it is super funny and it put a smile on my face. It is great that you put this list together, the tweets are very funny and kind of true too. Parenting is not easy but things like that make you be able to enjoy the mishappenings with smile and good attitude

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