Top Military Mom 2014

Being in the military is not an easy job, especially for a wife. For a month, we selected nominees for military bloggers to find the most influential around the world. Lashon Campbell, creator of My Crazy Life As a Navy Wife was voted as this year’s Top Military Blogger.


The following is a personal interview, where Lashon shares some of her best and challenging moments as a wife and mother in the military:

Please describe what you like most about being a military wife.

My FAVORITE part of being a military wife is that our family has had the privilege of traveling to places that we never thought we would ever go. We have traveled the world and exposed our children to lots of different cultures. That brings me the greatest JOY.

What has your biggest challenge been so far as a military wife?

My biggest challenge in the beginning of my marriage was trying to manage 3 children, a husband that was always deployed, working full-time as a Surgical Technologist and still making time to be actively involved in all 3 of our children’s extra activities. Through the years I have managed a great balance between all of these things and now I am proud to say that I am a military wife that FINALLY has it together. With time and prayer things are finally in order!

What has your biggest challenge been so far as a mom in the military?

The biggest challenge as a mom has been watching my kid’s emotions go from high to low. It tugs at your heart to watch them experience this. As a mom it’s imperative that you step in immediately so that they persevere through all of the constant deployments and PCS moves. That is what I did and I continue to do as we are still an active duty family. Not only my children, But all military kids have to endure these constant separations from their military parent. They also deal with numerous PCS moves that leave them in the awkward position of starting all over again meeting friends and making connections. Through it all I have learned to be a strong mom to my children to help them get through these times. Our strong Faith in God has been the key.

What do you think your children’s biggest challenges are by being in the military?

Military kids deal with so much. The biggest challenge in our home has been the “SPECIAL” events that my husband has missed due to being deployed. My husband has missed the birth of one of our children, recitals and graduations. Our kids understand that their father serves his country and has to miss some of the important things. I am grateful for a wonderful husband that has stayed connected to our children when we are apart. Through his loving actions, He has allowed our kids to feel his love and know they are important.

If you could give only one advice to other military moms, what would it be?

My advice for military moms would be to ask for help when you need it! Everyone needs a support system and there are so many people who can stand in the gap to get you through tough times. Your family, church and friends are essential to keeping your foundation strong. Be aware that your children watch your every move. As a mom you have to be positive so that your kids will know that you are their rock and stability.

Does blogging have any negative effects on your military life?

None at all! Blogging has been an outlet to spread all the information and programs that are available to military spouses. I am extremely grateful for the outlet that blogging has provided it allows me to raise awareness and make sure other military families can see all of the positive things happening right in their own military communities.

What positive contribution has blogging had on you?

I love to blog. I started blogging when we got orders for Guantanamo Bay Cuba and I realized that it was much different than any place we had ever been before. Blogging allowed me to write about my experiences, meet new people and find other military spouses out there. I was not prepared for all of the positive feedback from other spouses. I felt so blessed that the stories from my blog helped contribute to real changes in families. Through social media and blogging I pray that I will be able to show other spouses the great resources that are within reach near their base. Hopefully, my blog will bridge the gap and show connections with other military families. That makes it all worth it.

What is the one tip can you give other military bloggers out there?

As a military wife, Remember to always be a positive refection of your spouse when blogging. Always be aware of what you are writing and how it may affect your spouse. Be encouraging and try to model your blog in a way that exemplifies POSITIVE values.

We hope this helps you understand just a little more of what a military wife and mom can go through. We invite you to please support Lashon and follow her through any of the following networks:  Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google Plus