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mothers day gifts for all mom types

Unique Gift Ideas for 25 Different Mom Types

Moms come in all shapes, sizes and ways. Some are homemakers, some are fashion divas, others are crafty, and all are different in their very own special way. So where would you even begin to look for that special, yet not-so-bank-breaking gift she absolutely deserves?

Here are a list of gift ideas for different mom types. Does your mom love to garden? Is she a tea drinker? Does she love cats or dogs? Perhaps the lists below could help you in your gift giving process. Just don’t wait too long! You’ve got just one week left before the Mother’s Day gift giving panic mode hits!

  1. Beach Loving Moms

  2. Beauty Loving Moms

  3. Career Moms

  4. Cat Lover Moms

  5. Crafty Moms

  6. Dog Loving Moms

  7. Earth Loving Moms

  8. Fashion Trendy Moms

  9. Foodie Moms

  10. The Funny, Wacky Moms

  11. Garden Moms

  12. Health and Fitness Moms

  13. Minivan Driving Sports Moms

  14. Movie Loving Mom

  15. The Mug Collector

  16. The New Mom

  17. Moms Who Love to Read

  18. The Very Sentimental Moms

  19. Single Moms

  20. Spa Loving Moms

  21. The Tea Loving Mom

  22. The Traveling Mom

  23. Wine Loving Moms

  24. Zen Moms

  25. The Unique, Random, Lovely Mom that Doesn’t Fit Into Any Particular Category



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  • awesome! so much gift ideas. I actually categorize mom as someone who loves making and decorating the house continuously. I may need to put some force before I can send her to spa or salon.

  • This is the ultimate guide for moms.. It’s so hard for us to pick something for ourselves, but a great place to direct someone to choose something they think will suit us.. Thanks for creating this!

  • Moms definitely deserve the best gifts and these are awesome suggestions. They have different hobbies and interests so it’s good to find a gift that suits what they like!

  • These are awesome gift ideas and I love how you categorized them to what moms are interested in. It would be nice to give them something that they’ll love using!

  • That really is a great gift guide for Mother’s Day. Very extensive with lots of options to choose from. I am going to bookmark this to check out tomorrow during the day!

  • These are a wonderful list of mother’s day gift. I can’t really tell what’s the best because all of them are great.

  • Wow this really was the best guide! You provided so many great ideas and I love how you broke it into categories too. I got some really great ideas for gifts from it.

  • I think it’s important to show people love in the way they want to be loved. Gifts are great if they make your mom feel special. My mom loves it when I help her out and listen to her, and she’s not too focused on gifts. I love making her homemade things. This is a great list!

  • This is by far the easiest and best list of recommendations that I’ve seen for Mother’s Day. The Cat and Crafts section is where I’ll be swimming for a short while, see you guys!

  • There are so many great gifts for mother day for the list here. My pick would be the sewing kit, price is quite reasonable and most importantly my mom loves to sew!

  • This is an extensive list, that I am sure many will find it very helpful! I commend you for putting together such a detailed list.

  • So many great items for moms of every shape, size and interest. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate her with something fabulous she will use and love.

  • WOW, so many ideas!! My mom has told me very firmly she doesn’t want anything until their new house is built (estimated: July) so I’m putting off Mother’s Day until I can take her shopping after they move in.

  • Wow, this list is incredible, so many great options and ideas. Right now I am starting to plan out what I am going to get her this year and I have way more ideas than I did last year.

  • My mom is absolutely amazing, so I definitely want to spoil her on Mother’s Day. She’d laugh at the wine glasses for sure! But there are so many great ideas.

  • Oh wow, So many great stuff t give my mom on Mother’s Day. I love them all, I can’t really tell what I am going to give my mom.

  • Such a great list of gifts for Mother’s Day and I am sure my mom will like some of those lists and I need to be ready for that.

  • I would love any of these bags. Especially the beach bags! I am little obsessed with bags and being organized.

  • This is a fabulous post about gifts for moms. I always feel like when you go to look for something special your mind goes blank or at least mine does.

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