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25 Unique Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Dad this Father’s Day 2018

Not all dads are made equal. Some are fitness dads, while others are couch potato dads. Perhaps your dad loves to grill and drink beer while another dad might be more the “I’ll sit and wait for the food to be done” dad and is a workaholic. And because they’re all different, universal gifts can sound so impersonal.

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List of Dad Types

Here’s a list of gifts your dad will surely love, knowing you’ve gotten him something he can actually use (or just look at with extreme gratitude) if he’s a:


  1. DIY, Fixer Upper Dad
  2. Car Enthusiast
  3. Motorcycle Junkie
  4. Baseball Fan
  5. Basketball Fan
  6. Football Fan
  7. Soccer Dad
  8. Golfer
  9. Grill Master
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  11. Chef
  12. Outdoorsman
  13. Fisherman
  14. Gardener
  15. Fashionable and Stylish
  16. Workaholic
  17. Traveler
  18. Stay-at-home Dad also known as SAHD
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  20. Beach Goer
  21. Techy
  22. Reader
  23. Brandy/Whisky Drinker
  24. Beer Drinker
  25. Coffee Drinker
  26. Music Lover
  27. Fitness
  28. [/mks_one_third][/mks_col]

Dad who loves to fix or do the handy work himself

When something’s broken, call dad. He will most likely want to make the attempt to fix it before he calls someone for help. If your dad is the fixer upper dad, he will love these:

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[amazon box=”B06ZXRCNQY,B00CBY2EIO” grid=”2″]

Dad who loves cars

Does your dad spend a lot of time in the garage fixing his collectible car? Here are some useful tools and fun gifts that are perfect for him:

[amazon box=”B007XE8C74,B004W5SGBO” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B004Q8Z73M,B075T3VW9M” grid=”2″]

Dad who loves motorcycles and riding them

Your dad is a dare devil and loves his weekend rides on his motorcycle. Here are a few great gifts just for him:

[amazon box=”B01I9TWC5O,B00IRMHXWQ” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B0091CC1OG,B010A6B6KG” grid=”2″]

Dad is a BIG baseball enthusiast

Dad loves watching major league baseball. He loves going to the games and maybe even playing:

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Fill this bucket with baseball goodies

[amazon box=”B074Z8KRMB” grid=”1″]

Dad loves to watch and/or play hoops

When it’s basketball season, you know that dad will most likely be yelling at the television as he watches his favorite team play. Check out some great gifts this basketball fan would love:

[amazon box=”0345520106,B00V2AQBFU” grid=”2″]

Eating, breathing, drinking … help dad improve his basketball skills!

[amazon box=”B01H7TVI7U,B00KOQ560E” grid=”2″]

Dad’s the ultimate football fan

Football season is so much fun, because you know Sunday fun days are here with parties and all of dad’s friends getting together to watch the game! Here are some things he can have for the occasion:

[amazon box=”B075WDP6DZ,B01MYLZI1W” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B07D4PXMCF,B0034K2EKM” grid=”2″]

Dad who loves soccer (also known in some countries as futbol)!

Soccer is a great game for dads and his kiddos. It helps keep dad fit while he gets to pretend to be David Beckham for a few hours! Check out the gifts that are perfect for your soccer dad:

[amazon box=”B074S3HZBR,B01DO3DKYM” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”1101875984,0307408604″ grid=”2″]

Dad who loves to golf

Is your dad a golfer? If so, here are some gifts you can either splurge on or give him simply because you know he’d just love it!

[amazon box=”B01CQO1J3O,B00WJKOQ7M” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B00O5NEJ8M,B01N3MONHJ” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B01KLICT2C,B07D537KFL” grid=”2″]

Dad who loves to BBQ

BBQs are a fun family time and dad loves to show off his cooking skills with beautifully cooked meat! Here are a few great gifts for the dad who loves BBQ time!

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[amazon box=”B01GE77QT0,B01DVJ66H2″ grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B00WUOS4EI,B074VV2DDP” grid=”2″]

Dad who loves to cook

Dad is much more than a grill master. He’s an artist in the kitchen too! Here are a few great gifts for the foodie dad who can put together a creative, tasty meal:

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[amazon box=”B000PRP288,B00FLYWNYQ” grid=”2″]

Dad who likes to be outdoor

Is camping and being outdoors his forte? Then you could probably help him out with simple tools like such:

[amazon box=”B072NHH1MJ,B06Y5MD17G” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B001KBYPIG,B01N6ISXUU” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”1616286105,1440593345″ grid=”2″]

Dad, who likes to fish

Fishing is such a peaceful sport, which is another reason dads love it! If your dad is an avid fisherman, he will surely enjoy any of these:

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[amazon box=”B007C6OBT6,B07BRNPRLY” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B00EVBXF5G,B00RKHKCM2″ grid=”2″]

Dad who loves to garden

Another way to relax is to do some gardening. Dads love this especially when they get to see the fruits of their labor (literally) as their vegetation, flowers, plants grow.

Check out some great gardening gifts he might enjoy:

[amazon box=”B01MFGMLS4,B017I2TUXA” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B013QV0MYS,B078HL48RL” grid=”2″]

The fashionable and stylish dad

This dad knows how to dress and loves looking good. So give your fashionable dad something to really love for Father’s Day:

[amazon box=”B01AYAZSRK,B0779QFSQQ” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B00I9N07KS,B003U8QOAO” grid=”2″]

The workaholic dad who works way too hard

Dad doesn’t work a lot because he doesn’t want to be with you. He works so he can give you the best things in life. So remind him while he’s away, just how much you love him with these great gifts:

[amazon box=”B07C1NQQXG,B07CM63V8K” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B01GK72HI4,B073S7YSBK” grid=”2″]

The dad who travels a lot

When dad travels for work, he does miss you. So get him a few things that could remind him of you while he’s away:

[amazon box=”B01N4EPI5W,B01FCSS286″ grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B01LK3VAGI,B000XRONYE” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B072JWN6LC,B06XKPH796″ grid=”2″]

The stay-at-home dad

The stay-at-home dad doesn’t just sit around and do nothing. He’s made the sacrifice to stay home so his wife or significant other can pursue their dream(s), while he takes care of the kids. Because someone has to do it, right?

[amazon box=”B0127OZX7Q,B01L7PSJFO” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B00SAUAP5C,B072QLXK2T” grid=”2″]

The beach loving dad

Who doesn’t like the calm beach life? Some dads who are able to, go to the beach as much possible because they are sun gods. What gifts do you get for someone who enjoys the beach that much?

[amazon box=”B071FGYBBR,B071KKHMFC” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B07B1KLMJQ,B07977WB47″ grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B013J9BHRI,B073XWKDBK” grid=”2″]

The Thaumaturgic Bio Mist is always a recommended item for beach and sun lovers. It’s great for soothing after sun damage and encouraging its faster healing process.

The techy dad

The techy dad is always up to date with the latest and greatest. Here are some great ideas for the newest tech stuff he probably would not get for himself:

[amazon box=”B01ACJD780,B01MUAGZ49″ grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B0765BL6K7,B01M6C2Z91″ grid=”2″]

The dad who loves books and reading them

Some dads just love sitting down to read a good book! If you’ve got a dad who’s a bit of a bookworm, these gifts could either make him laugh or love you even more:

[amazon box=”B00Y8VNY8M,B01CA80IDS” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B0117SNG0O,B00XC5KNB6″ grid=”2″]

The dad who loves a good drink

He’s not an alcoholic, but he does appreciate a good drink every now and then. Here’s to the dad who’s a brandy and/or whisky drinker:

[amazon box=”B06XCXPNGX,B078XGWXQ9″ grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B0167OP0IO,B07D2LL4KJ” grid=”2″]

The dad who loves beer

Whether it’s with friends, over a nice BBQ, or during a game, this dad loves the taste of beer!

[amazon box=”B016J273QQ,B0155I6IRK” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B00WCJ3PZ4,B07558KHBD” grid=”2″]

The dad who loves coffee

Coffee is not just something most dads love to drink, but is really an acquired taste. The true coffee lovers are those who can appreciate the taste of really good coffee.

[amazon box=”B001E5DYT4,B00PV4FG3Q” grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B000643DUO,B00WIB5AB8″ grid=”2″]

The music loving dad

Music calms the soul … who doesn’t love music, right? If your dad appreciates particular music types, you might want to consider the following:

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[amazon box=”B074VZVJKT,B0756CYWWD” grid=”2″]

The fit dad

Fitness is no joke and this dad gets really serious about his routines. Show him you support him with any of the great gift ideas below:

[amazon box=”B00329TVEM,B01F80JPO8″ grid=”2″]
[amazon box=”B074VDF16R,B00N9IG28O” grid=”2″]

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.


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Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.