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What does fatherhood mean to you?

What does fatherhood mean to you?


“Being a dad is the most important job you will ever do. Don’t screw it up.”

~ Writing Pad Dad

“Parenthood is a marathon, a circus, a triage room, a Seinfeld performance, and couples therapy; all of which last the rest of your adult life. Thankfully, it is sprinkled with an occasional good night’s sleep and the odd decent meal…with fries”

~ Men Get Pregnant Too

“Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be a Daddy and every day is a reminder that I’m already living a lifelong dream. My kids slow me down, teach me and help me to grow as well by allowing me the opportunity to teach them about the world as I hope they will eventually see it for themselves.”

~ Stephen Says

“Fatherhood to me is the most important role for any man. We can help shape the future by raising the next generation of good people.”

~ Ask a Great Dad

“My children eat too much, shout a lot and don’t sleep enough. They are messy, smelly and expensive. They don’t sit still, they will not listen and they steal my remote controls. They talk through my programs but insist I am quiet through theirs. And. AND they have their own cupboard FULL of food that I can’t eat. ( even though i pay for all of the food and all of the cupboards). BUT, I keep them around anyway because I am their dad. And i love them (And, because their mum says I have to). “

~ Man in his Pyjamas

“Being a Dad is a huge privilege which carries an enormous responsibility. It means always being there when my daughters need me, and still being there when they think they don’t.”

~ FromaDaddy

“Being a stay-at-home dad has certainly had it’s rewards… like when both kids nap at the same time.”

~ Dad or Alive

“Fatherhood has opened my eyes to what is really important in life. Being happy, helping others and following your passions are just a few of the things I strive for these days and it’s all because of my children and setting a good example for them.”

~ Canadian Dad

“Being a dad is not hard work at all. When you love doing something this much, it never feels like work.”

~ Like a Dad

“I had a popsicle with Spider-Man last night. This morning I had Cheerios with Batman. Beat that.”

~ Dad Camp

“There’s value in the vanilla moments of life. As a dad, we have to remember that we can make significant – and lifetime – impact on our kids by being available and present every moment of every day.”

~ Bobblehead Dad

“To me, fatherhood means always thinking about the immediate and the long-term needs of my children, and about constantly being where they need me to be, doing what they need me to do. ”

~ A Blogger and a Father

“We don’t practice helicopter parenting, we’re stealth bomber parents. We don’t hover – we watch invisibly from a distance, and only intervene when necessary.”

~ Dad Saster

“There is NO such thing as “Quality Time.” There is ONLY “Quantity Time.”

~ Bruce Sallan

“Being a dad means having the opportunity to provide an elongated and beautiful childhood to a pair of goofy kids. It also means finding joy in the simple wonders of the world again, and sometimes finding dirty underwear shoved under beds…but mostly the bit about the wonders of the world.”

~ Out With The Kids

“Fatherhood is a marathon looking forward, a sprint looking back, and the hurdles all the way through.”

~ Backpacking Dad