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What does motherhood mean to you?

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood Quotes

Truly knowing what it means to “love someone so much it hurts!”

~ The Stuff of Success

Motherhood…my greatest joy and biggest heartache. Being a mother means, to me anyway, headaches and yelling. It’s breaking up fights and saying ridiculous things like, “Never look at each other again!” It’s sleepless nights over the hungry baby or the teenager who’s out too late. It’s hearing them say, “I hate you” and having them roll their eyes at me. Making me laugh every time. It’s arguments over conspiracy theories and tears over homework. It’s hearing, “I don’t like that for dinner” and crying when I say, “Eat it or starve.” But mostly, for me anyway, it’s the pictures they’ve all drawn for me over the years when I’m sad, watching them wave, or wink at me, depending on their age, when they walk away or get on a stage. It’s when they ask for my advise and cry on my shoulder and it’s hearing “I love you mom” when they remember that I have loved them since before they were born and that I always will. No matter what they break…

~ Moms Madhouse

Being the best person you can be, even if you weren’t sure she existed, because you want to create the best role model for the lives you have brought into the world.

~ Wondermom Wannabe

Motherhood means that I have a reason now to care about my health, beyond looking good in a swimsuit!

~ New Momma Beckers

Right now motherhood means watching my kids grow up too quickly! My daughter is graduating in a month and it is so bittersweet! I’m so proud of her but so sad that her childhood has ended.

~ Christy’s Cozy Corners

Now that my kids are grown being a mom now means GRANDkids! Wahoo!

~ Rise Above Your Limits

The hardest, most challenging, all encompassing, mostly unnoticed, best loved job I ever had that has yielded the greatest rewards I ever could have imagined.

~ The Midlife Guru

It means always second guessing myself, laughing till I can’t catch my breath, making tough decisions, and having a heart so full, I feel it may burst.

~ Blog by Donna

Motherhood is self-sacrifice, great joy, great heartache, and an overwhelming awe when I look at my children and realize they are my legacy. It’s teaching my children but allowing myself to learn from them as well.

~ Food Babbles

Motherhood means giving love. Lots and lots of love – in the form of hugs, the kissing of boo-boos, a comfortable and clean home life, quality time, a listening ear and words of encouragement.

~ ChristianSuperMom

Unconditional love.

~ Mommies POV

Motherhood is a journey. It’s in the moments of love, laughter, tears, fears and prayers. It’s not about the destination. A mother never arrives… she evolves.

~ Family Travels on a Budget

I LOVE being a mom, even though it’s a huge responsibility to help my little boys become great men. They believe that my kisses heal their “boo boos” – they come to me with their little hand outstretched asking for kisses. I hope they always believe that 🙂 Melts my heart!

~ One and One Equals Twin Fun Blog

Motherhood means that a part of the greatest love in my life [with my hubby] will now forever live outside of my body; my daughter. Seeing my beautiful child reminds me every day of the love that I share with her father. She is the most special thing we both have ever done. Being a mom has made my [our] life significant.

~ Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Motherhood means being blessed to share your heart with someone else for the rest of your life.

~ Not Your Ordinary Recipes

Motherhood means we can choose to cherish the sweet kisses, the tight hugs, the story time nestled on the couch and the free spirited days of holding hands outside. It also means we don’t have to love the tantrums, the teething, the runny noses or the sleepless nights. We can bundle our own experiences from the long days that turn into quick years, savor what we want and make it our own.

~ Our blessed beautiful suburban story

I’m a new mom and right now it means doing my best to take care and raise a strong, independent girl. Also it means having a heart that is so large it almost bursts when I see her.

~ TheGamingAngel

Motherhood means having loads of fun with my son. Everyday is a new adventure!

~ Pursuit of Peace

Motherhood is a joy and the greatest job around. I loved watching my daughter grow into the woman she is now. It was and still is some of the best moments of my life.

~ Bargains4Wahms

Motherhood is realizing that the children I didn’t plan for and didn’t long for were *exactly* what I needed in my life.

~ Diary of a Determined Momma

When I became a Mom, I felt like a real Woman. Up to that point, my journey to womanhood was incomplete!

~ Mommy Powers