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What to Do When Your Wife, Mother of Your Child, Sulks

Sulking is a form of manipulation that is designed to make other people do what the “sulker” wants them to do. Probably like me for the sake of a happy home, you give in, make allowances and don’t like yourself afterwards for capitulating. Should you give in, as I am this evening , it will go on and on and on ……………….


Why do they do it?

Male or female the signs are the same, its often because:

  • They want to avoid conflict,
  • Do not want to deal with an awkward or uncomfortable situation.
  • Or just want to get heir own way and enjoy seeing your do something you don’t want to do! All of course in the name of love!!!

Some signs:

  • I am not talking to you! The classic, let me tell you I am mad but I don’t really what to tell you why, so you can suffer until I feel like telling you….
  • Looking like your three year old toddler folding when he/she doesn’t get an open checkbook at Toys R Us. Pouts, sighs, arm folding or even the “silent treatment” – all good fun!
  • Lets make a barrier – hiding behind the computer, buried in an iPad or phone and pretending they can’t hear you….
  • The snowman 🙂 melts and thaws when someone else calls on the phone or stops in at the house. Miraculously remembers to return to the ice queen the moment they leave ………  This last action is the Oscar performance and pinnacle of sulking, practiced and perfected over many years.


When your partner is finally talking-to you again, tell them you want to know and understand why they go quiet.

Don’t try matching a sulk with a sulk, it makes things worse.

Don’t misread a sulk for the need to just get some time in the man cave!

Expect your partner to be respectful enough to recognize your presence. This shows a huge lack of respect and has no place in a loving relationship.

Recognize some of these sign in your partner or loved one? Why do you put up with behavior like this from your partner?

Probably like me –  because you love them more than anything in the world and it doesn’t happen every day.

So non-sulkers, enjoy recognizing the signs, don’t always give in, and talk it through 🙂

John Bishop

Husband, dad, photographer. Not really a writer or blogger. Just forced into it :)


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