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Why Children Need Books That Teach a Lesson

Why Children Need Books That Teach a Lesson

Although children should be children and have fun filled days, we all know how much learning they need as well. Children can pick up on so much information very quickly and if given the opportunity, can apply what they learn towards many long-term trivia.

It All Started with a TurtleMost children have very short attention spans. This means if something doesn’t interest them right away, they can either move on to the next best thing or completely disregard anything you are trying to teach them. Many children don’t sit still long enough to read an entire book, simply because there are way too many other things that might be more interesting, like watching television.  Now if you combine reading a book and trying to teach them a lesson, it will encourage discipline and positive reinforcements will become easier to apply.

A book I’ve read recently called “It All Started with a Turtle” is something my 2.5 year old has asked me to read to him about 8 times. Some of the words were a little too advanced for him to understand, but of course I translated it in a language he was able to pick up. It’s outcome? He knows what’s going to happen before we turn every page and in the end he understands that he has to earn money before he could buy something. Imagine that a 2.5 year old can pick up on such a great lesson about finance?

Of course we had to buy a turtle after having read it a few times and after earning some coins from helping mommy pick up his toys. He sees the learning part as rewarding because he loves to “teach me” just as much as I love to teach him.

Lexie Lane

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