My fitness motivation fluctuates A LOT! I get really pumped about being healthier and always manage to get on a workout routine for a few weeks. Then I fall behind with work by trying to get more sleep, while including the hour of workout time I could be using to write blog posts or do what I do when I do the things I’m supposed to do with social media. Before I know it, the hard work I put into my diet and staying fit goes PLOP! (If you could see me, I’d be giving it a thumbs down).

So what do I do when I start to turn the other direction? I turn to coffee, of course. I lose the naturally high energy I would get from my workouts and want to just sit around and rest. So to keep myself from wasting my time, I drink coffee. I start with one a day, then I gradually move onto two …

Eventually, I realize I’m starting to gain my weight back, even though I haven’t really changed my diet. All I’ve done is included coffee into it. So after a little research, here are a couple of reasons that could be contributing to my weight gain:

Sugar stored as fat

coffee-bostEven though I could drink coffee all day long, I do still try to minimize it to 2 (3 max) a day. However, I sometimes don’t feel like coffee gives me energy anymore. I can get so tired that I get a momentary high and then feel like crashing.

Whether you include sugar into your coffee or not, doesn’t matter a whole lot. Coffee is a stimulant that can also cause your blood sugar to fluctuate. It can cause your insulin level to go little crazy and start storing excess sugar as fat.


Sometimes I find myself wanting to go to sleep during the day, when I should be doing things and staying wide awake at night, when I should be asleep. I find myself making “I’m getting old” excuses because I can’t remember things.

Sleep can help your overall physical, mental, and well-being. Lack of sleep can really mess with your immune system, cause stress, and get completely drained, not to mention opening it up for other health concerns.

Of course it doesn’t help that I can plop myself down on a chair, in front of a computer from 9pm to at least 1am every evening and then again at 6am to about 9am and more hours during the day. That’s a whole lot of time my body isn’t sleeping but just sitting still, allowing my metabolism to actually sit still. At least if I continued to workout, it could be burning a little bit of fat even while I sit.

The whole thing is like a vicious cycle! I drink coffee, I crash, I lose energy, I don’t workout, I lose more energy, I drink coffee again, and lose more energy … Sure, I believe there MIGHT be a few benefits to coffee, but I sometimes wish I could forever lay off of it.