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Why I Don’t Care About Mila Kunis’s Epidural Comment

I think I’m a little late to this party, but I felt my heart doing some added pitter pattering when I heard about the situation with Mila Kunis and her epidural comment on Ellen’s show.

So Mila Kunis wants to have an all natural birth and made the comment, “I did this to myself, might as well do it right” just after Ellen asked if she was going to have an epidural at all.

I’ve gone ahead and included the video below so you can see it for yourself.

So why was I completely annoyed? We live in a country where “freedom of speech” is very much appreciated. Sadly though, it always seems to come so much judgment. The more we exercise our freedom of speech, the more we get criticized for it.

It amazes me that even her comment could be judged the way it has! Apparently, this was made into a deal bigger than it should have been, where there were some who were outraged by it.

Did you hear how innocent she was about it? Surely she didn’t realize she was going to offend anyone.

I can’t speak for everyone, but what in the world do we need to be so caddy about? There are millions of women who have had natural births and surely have made remarks and probably look down at those who haven’t had them.

I for one have ZERO tolerance for pain and was not about to go all natural no matter what amount of money you gave me. In fact, I started freaking out about the whole thing just a little after 6 months of pregnancy. Do I love my son any less because of it? Is he going to love me any less? Am I bummed I didn’t go through the horrible pain? Absolutely not. I went through a c-section that caused my intestines and my whole abdomen to jiggle for at least 2 months, but I honestly would do it again if I had to just to avoid the other pain.

More power to the women who are strong enough to go through the all natural birth process. It is, I’m sure, a feeling that will never be forgotten.

Lexie Lane

Lexie Lane is the creator of voiceBoks.com, owner of Social Media Panel, and co-author of the book, The Blogger's Survival Guide Tips and Tricks for Parent Bloggers Wordsmiths and Enthusiasts.


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  • I have a feeling that she might change her mind when she is actually dealing with the pain. I know that with my first, I didn’t plan for an epi but I opted for it because I was in pain. My water broke and the contractions came on fast and strong. I have heard rumors that labor is more painful when your water breaks.

    With my second son I wanted an epi but that boy had other plans for his mommy that day. Things were bearable for me and I was able to breath through the contractions. I did have a small dose of IV drugs which helped me relax. It made me dilate very quickly and there was no time for an epi. For me the pain went away when it came time to push.

    My third ended in a c-section because he wanted to turn breech at the last minute. I was hoping for another natural delivery.

    Even though my kids were all born differently, I don’t love them differently.

    I didn’t watch the video because it would probably just tick me off. I always tell moms to do what they feel is best for them even if it comes to getting an EPI.

  • I seen this episode of Ellen. I didn’t think anything of her comment. She was asked a question about her specifically.. she answered according to her own situation. Why would anyone be offended. Everyone is different. Everyone has the right to say what they want about their life. Too much emphasis is put on to what other say and people take it way too personally…. in my humble opinion 🙂

  • The uproar over these things always amazing me. Who has the time to worry about what other people say and then get all crazed about it! I surely don’t!

  • I had an epidural and proud that I did. I’m not going to lay in that bed screaming in pain! I bet Mila will change her mind once her labor pains kicks in.

  • Speaking as a person who gave birth all natural with no pain meds, etc., I think I know what she meant. I think she meant the “right” way for her. Natural was the right way for me. It must stink to be a celebrity to have everything you say constantly picked apart all the time. Who knows what all I said when I was pregnant that could have been picked apart and used against me later. But, thankfully, it wasn’t on national TV, lol.

  • I’ve had three completely natural births, completely drug free, and three “perfect” daughters. I think natural birth is an amazing experience, and I loved that I was able to go through it; however, what makes a mom starts after birth. I think it is a human right to say what you feel and if others take offense when you didn’t mean it, then they obviously need to check their own issues. Good for her saying she wants to do it right, because that’s the right way for her. Good for you for knowing your body and doing what is right for you. We are all different and have different journeys.

  • I had no meds with my second son and it felt the same as my first who I did have drugs for. It just slows down the labor to have drugs I believe. People will always twisted others words mostly to make a buck.

  • I have no children but if I had I can assure you I would have screamed at the top of my lungs for an epidural! I do not like pain–any kind of pain and will do almost anything to avoid it. With that being said it is the individual choice of each woman. Only she knows what is right for her–in ALL matters!

  • Wow interesting, thanks for sharing this. I actually have no idea about this but I always wondered about natural verse being dosed with something to prevent the feeling of pain.