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Music Benefits and Why It’s Good and Healthy for the Entire Family

One of my fondest memories of my oldest daughter is the day she taught me to wake up my senses. She was 6 months old and just learning to sit up on her own. It was an average weekday and we were hanging out on my bed folding laundry.. well, I was folding and she was unfolding.

Photo credit: parentdish.com
Photo credit: parentdish.com
In the background some obnoxious daytime talk show was playing.. So, I decided to brighten up our chores by turning off the TV and turning on some music. I did so, and as I turned back towards the bed my little girl lit up with all her might. She was doing everything in her power to engage with the beat of the music! After squealing along with her and dancing around the room to her delight, I realized something. Music has a true power over us. Its not a learned behavior (my little girl so graciously taught me that day) the beats, melodies and chords connect with us and can literally change our brain waves.

Have you ever listened to a song and felt chills out of nowhere when the singer hits a certain note or a certain tone is played? Seeing her reaction struck deeply with me, and now being a mommy of two, we infuse music into our activities daily and here’s why..

music is healthy

Scientific studies have shown that music can have many different positive effects on us. It can help you concentrate, relieve stress, run a race, or even change your mood. This is because there is a real relationship between music and a core part of the brain that reacts to stimuli, referred to as the rewards system. In turn if music is incorporated into certain activities we may be more inclined to repeat these activities. Music has an innate power over us and can trigger a release of dopamine that leaves you feeling positively zen-like.

Incorporating music as a segway into new activities

I try to incorporate music daily as a therapy and as a segway into new activities with my children. When it’s time to transition from play time to dinner time, I ask my daughter if she will help me pick out our dinner music. She gets very excited as she puts away her toys.

Music plays many positive roles in my life. Sometimes on my way to a busy day at work, I play an upbeat positive song to lift my spirits.

Point being, don’t forget that music is a wonderful tool to use in multiple arenas of your life. It can be more powerful than you would imagine. In many cultures across our world music plays an integral part in connecting to each other as well as the world around us. So use its magic however you see fitting! Or, if you are looking for a healthy rush, simply play your favorite song… 🙂

Cassie Propst

Cassie is a wife, mother, a runner, an amateur chef, a foodie, a wine drinker (pictured) a coffee lover, a yoga doer, a whole foods crusader, and a DIY experimenter.


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