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Why Sleeping Separately is Better for My Marriage

3 weeks ago, I stretched my legs across the couch and fell asleep until about 11am the next morning. My husband said, I snored so loud he was afraid it would wake the neighbors! Regardless, he knew better than to wake me when my snores were at the highest peak it had ever been.

The following evening, I once again sat comfortably on the couch and could not get myself up. I grabbed my favorite blanket and snuggled deep into the cushions, closed my eyes, and had the best dream ever (it might be completely inappropriate for this post so I’m not going to go into detail, but I’m sure you could imagine 🙂 )!

Image source via Shutterstock
Image source via Shutterstock

So 2 nights in a row drove me into sleep heaven. Then the 3rd night came and I just could not resist that couch. I imagined my husband wouldn’t really mind. The morning after, I apologized and said, “I’m so sorry I haven’t been sleeping next to you.” He just smiled and said, “are you kidding? It’s the best sleep I’ve had in years!” And so began our journey into separate rooms …

Sure there may be health benefits to sleeping in the same bed with your partner, but there are also benefits to a good night’s sleep, right?

Since we’ve been sleeping apart, we:

Cuddle More

Oh yes! Somehow we seem to feel more of a need to cuddle and hug each other throughout the day. It must be the absence of touch in the evening that drives us to want to be more affectionate towards each other. Whatever it is, is nice …

Wake Up In a Better Mood

Without the added heat, the unrestricted space, and interrupted sleep, we have both started to wake up refreshed and with smiles in the morning. We now greet each other with “good morning my love!” instead of “can you just get up now and make some coffee?” or “hey.”

Have Less Arguments

Better sleep helps balance us as individuals. Fatigue can make you edgy as a couple, creating disagreements and often times, arguments. NOT a good thing for relationships.

Have More Productive Days

When we feel more rested and energetic, we get more done. When you get more done, your overall response to everything else can be positive.

Nowhere in our vows did it ever say we must sleep together all the time. Perhaps when the Winter nights come and we need that extra body heat to keep each other warm, we could revisit our single bed status. For now, it’s bringing love and sexy back into our marriage.

Lexie Lane

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